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Precision Cabinets is a Melbourne based kitchen cabinet business, one that blends skill, sophistication, and functionality to deliver kitchens that are of the very highest standards. Our kitchens are elegant whether they are ultra modern or traditional. They feature colour palettes, textures, and storage solutions to suit your concept of a dream kitchen.

We take great pride in our reputation for integrity, and the way we work so well with our clients, whether you are a home owner and renovator, a builder, designer or architect.

You will find that we:

  • Are great communicators so you can be comfortable and confident in our relationship
  • Are happy to commit to your project only when we know we can deliver to specification, on time
  • Use only the very best equipment, technology, and materials
  • Focus on quality workmanship and finesse and never cut corners
  • Are supported by a team of highly skilled tradesmen who share our commitment to excellence
  • Work collaboratively with your designers, plumbers, electricians, and other trades
Leadership Team: 38 Years of Combined Experience!

The Directors of Precision Cabinets are Angelo Serafino and Robert Prinzi, who have more than 38 years of combined experience in cabinet making, and in working with designers and builders.

They are well known in the industry for their drive, work ethic, commitment to excellence and integrity.

For many years Robert and Angelo each had their own cabinetmaking businesses, until the demand and reputation for both grew to the extent that they often asked each other for a hand.

Clearly, they had great work chemistry and made an efficient, dynamic and successful duo. Since establishing Precision Cabinets, it has grown to become the strong, professional, and thriving business that it is today.

Robert and Angelo always aim for quality, finesse and exactitude, regardless of how intricate or specific a design.

We would like nothing more that to take your kitchen to a whole new level! Learn how to get started or book a free consultation with one of our consultants today.


  • Rob
    Rob has over 20 years experience in the cabinetry industry. Since the start of his career, working with his hands has been a passion of his - especially with timber.He enjoys the opportunity to work creatively with clients and to bring a design to life. After finishing a 4 year apprenticeship, Rob went out and worked on his own for 2 years.Rob met Angelo and worked with him on projects for 2 years before deciding to become partners and open Precision Cabinets. Rob loves being involved with his clients and helping them build their dream space.
  • Angelo
    Angelo undertook an apprenticeship and then worked for 6 years as a cabinet maker. He decided to specialise and worked heavily with corporate office interiors. These offices were each highly unique and often involved challenging designs made up of curves and solid interiors. Angelo is particularly skilled in working with custom, angular and even abstract designs which gives him the ability to create incredible results with kitchens using different materials. His skill set combined with Rob’s wood working perfectionism create the results that clients love from Precision Cabinets.


  • Antoniette Graham

    From the first time I spoke with Angelo on the phone, I felt at ease and just had an overall ‘good vibe’ from him. I really felt this was someone I could work with; and...


    Our family loves to cook and we needed more space and practicality in our kitchen.All the companies we talked to wanted to charge huge design fees. I almost gave up. Then a friend recommended Precision...

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